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An old track I love, uploaded and shared for the first time on Sound Cloud, south-american road music, panoramic soundtrack.

Harmonica by Michel Herblin
Charango, bombo, guitars(nylon), kuntrun (brushes), acoustic bass guitar by DD

Photo by Diego Jimenez

Publisher: Cezame-FLE
For licenses please visit:


Recorded by DD at the Pleasure Dome, Paris and Exile Studios, Argentina.
Mixed and mastered by Etienne Colin at GUM studios Paris
(C)&(P) Daniel Diaz/DedeLand/Cezame 2010

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Music for Haikus, September/October 2017

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Acoustic Jazz Waltz, “Memories mistreat me”, sad but true…

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Jazz ballad, waltz time. Fully acoustic performance:
Drums (brushed)
Upright Bass
Acoustic guitar (Martin J15 steel string)
Accordina (Marcel Dreux custom)
Acoustic piano.
+ String orchestra (11 violins, 4 violas, 4 cello) (from EWQL libraries)

Recorded in Lanus, Argentina (2015) and Paris France (2016-2017)

Photo by Eutah Mizushima

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Acoustic soundscape for a haiku

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I played the same note (La – A) or a basic power chord (A-E-A)on several instruments:
Upright piano
Acoustic guitar (nylon string)
Ukuleles (2)
Charangos (2)
Upright bass
Electric bass guitar (2)

Then I played some harmonic sparks on my bass guitar and some random hi pitch notes on the piano to create some still+-moving harmonic content. (Mostly around Am/Amaj)

The sustained drones are reverbs of many “long-infinite decay” types.
i added some field recordings (mountain forests, etc)

This track was created on September28th 2017 in Paris France for this free-form haiku:

“Leaving the hospital room
autumn mountains

Poem by Sumitaku Kenshin (1961-1987)
Image by Blake Richard Verdoorn

free download

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Chopin waltzing at 10 bpm.

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Created for a disquiet junto challenge “Compose and record a piece of music that is 10 bpm and in 3/4 time”.

Took my favourite ¾ piece, F. Chopin’s Op64 number 2 in C# minor (1847). Played the most fast moving part of it so it won’t be that boring slowed down to the insane 10bpm tempo (starting on measure 32 on my sheet music but ended up keeping the second stanza, measure 42 till 50)
Made a midi track out of it, copied it to all 16 midi channels and sent it to random hardware synths in whichever patch they were set at this particular moment (including one drum and one reverse percussion patch on my Emu Proteus 1 and a full string orchestra sample library)

Kept 8 tracks out of that random midi thing, trashed the rest, edited (creative use of the DELETE button), applied reverbs and volià.
The “synth pad” sounds you hear are actually reversed reverbs (3s, 8s, 10s)

Created for Disquiet Junto Project 0299: 10bpm Walt. Based on Fryderyk Chopin’s Valse en Do# mineur Op64 number 2 (1847) performed, transformed and edited by DD in Paris, Friday 22nd September 2017.
Tempo: strict 10 BPM throughout.

More on this 299th weekly Disquiet Junto project — 10bpm Waltz: Make super slow music in 3/4 time — at:


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Sin Ain’t what it used to be (fretless bass recitativo)

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Instrumental, melodic fretless bass (my good old Sekine custom, circa 1985).

Solo fretless bass take, doubled with a moog synth and sparse synth pad on the background. Delay, panner and reverbs as only FX here.
Simple “recitativo” melody, no solos, no big development other that the repeated coda/cadenza.

Performed by DD, Paris, France, July 2017.
24bit master DR12


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Guitars, reverb and basses soundscape. With a little piano…

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“Une étérnité, voir plus”
Composed and performed by DD, recorded in Paris, france, September 4th and 5th 2017.
All the “pad” sound come from several reverb units and plugins: infinite decay reverb, freeze reverb particle reverb, granular reverb, etc.

instruments used, in order of appearance :

Electric guitar (distorted power chord)
bowed upright bass section (8 takes)
3x Startocaster (clean) electric guitar
2x Martin Acoustic guitars (L/R)
3rd Acoustic Guitar (Center)
Spanish guitar
Electric bass guitar (Drake custom)
Acoustic Piano
A brass section sample (towards the end)

Chords used:
E augmented

photo by paul morris


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A track for a compilation remembering the late Bassel Khartabil

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Out Of The Cave (El Tala)
I played two charangos, two flutes (bamboo from bali and plastic flutophone from the USA), I sang four part harmonies, I played some percussion: bombo and kuntrun (from Argentina), plastic tubes, derbouka (from Turkey) and a hi pitched filtered percussion loop (that served me as metronome).
The convolution reverb used is from “Buffalo Cave”, wherever it is.

Image by Laura Agusti

This track is featured in the compilation “a future in commons” dedicated to Bassel Khartabil

Other tracks I created to support Bassel’s liberation and then to honour his memory when he was executed, are here:



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Strings and synthesizers, inspired by the great Angelo Badalamenti

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Composed and performed by DD, Paris, France, July/August 2017
Synthesisers (Korg, Emu, z3Ta, Pentagon, Analogue Lab)
String orchestra (samples)

Dedicated to Angelo Badalamenti


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“Commons” naive track taken back from the dark of my vault….

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A simple and sensitive track taken back from the dark of my vault….

An old track from 2009, publisher’s commission for a “Childhood” themed project. Never released, just got the rights back,
Performed in Buenos Aires, Villa Gessel (Argentina) and Paris (France) by
DD: upright pianos, requinto (steel string) upright bass, melodica
Miguel YANOVER: recorder (flauta dulce)


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