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New EP “Soudain L’été Dernier” 2: Heartbeat of the Jungle

Posted by admin on August 19, 2019 – 14:13

Just released a new EP, from my score to the French version (directed by Réné Loyon) of Tennessee Williams’s “Suddenly Last Summer”.

This is  a companion to my previous “Soudain L’été Dernier” EP. The first one is a selection of the main theme, mostly unused masters remixed for that release.

This Vol2 is taken from the more experimental ambient rhythmic tracks, some used on the final score, some re-worked for this release.

These are the most “animal-wild-menacing” parts of the score, remixed and expanded a bit.

Bowed Upright Basses, Acoustic guitars and pianos, percussion, noises and animal/insect samples.

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