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New single released: The Black Rain (dark melodic ambient)

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The Black Rain (dark melodic ambient)

Performed by DD in Paris, January 22nd 2018 (ukulele, bowed upright basses)
No Synthesizers used, nor samples.

Photo by Colin Rex


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New EP: Ukuleles Etc (5 tracks, instrumental acoustic)

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New release today:






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New ambient (acoustic) release: Tibetan Bowls (single).

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Tibetan Bowls (experimental acoustic ambient)

New single performed on several Tibetan bowls, hit and rubbed with wood mallets.


Stream and download:


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New single, Un Clásico Andino.

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New single, Un Clásico Andino.

Instrumental World.

DD: charango, upright bass, percussion, synth pad
Miguel Yanover: recorder (flute à bec)
Recorded at different times from 2013 till 2015 in Argentina, France and Spain.

Photo is from Arto Marttinen



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New ambient single released “Concrete”

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New single released April 2019, instrumental ambient,


-Indian Harmonium as it sounds listened through concrete walls

-Synths and electric piano buried on “concrete basement” convolution reverb.

I routed the harmonium stereo mix through some extreme filtering to make it sound like it is played very loud inside a concrete bunker or building and you just hear hints of it through the walls. I played the little melody with several synths and electric piano, all filtered and sent through a “concrete basement” convolution reverb.

The final mix of the harmonium and the new tracks is heard as a very wet signal with loads of another convolution reverb: “giant concrete room”.


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New digital EP released April 17th 2019

Solo instrumental performance of a simple melody and some variations (time expansion and compression, permutations and octave transpositions).
All passed through long delay and echo effects to produce melodic lines that superpose upon each other creating a counterpoint, in part random and in part planned (variations have been written in advance).


released May 4, 2019

24bit 44.1 digital masters
Album dynamic range DR13
Composed bu Daniel Diaz Performed by DD in Paris 2010-201

Available on most streaming services.

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Two acoustic-experimental April tracks

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Created for:
Disquiet Junto Project 0377: Algorithms Assemble
Step 1: Define a scale of 8 notes (or sounds).
Step 2: Create a melody with 4 notes from the scale resulting from Step 1.
Step 3: Replace note 2 in the melodic sequence from Step 2 with an unused note (selected deterministically or randomly). Then do this for note 4, then for note 3, and then for note 1.
Step 4: Reintroduce the first melody as counterpoint to the result of Step 3. This establishes a pair of notes at each point in time.

My scale is a 8 note diatonic that goes:
C-D-E-F#-G#-A#-B-C 8va

My 4 note melody is C-E-C8-G#
I did the permutations suggested on step 3, I just added some high notes to give it some spark, then I went on with step 4 and then started to develop freely.

3 different pianos (one muted and played with mallets)
Orchestral samples and treatments.

Paris, Friday 22nd March 2019


PI (extended mix)
14 tracks of bowed upright basses (harmonics, effects and multiple layered bass and hi pitched notes)
Some samples (harp, violin)
Sound effects, noises.

Composed and performed by DD
Pars, France, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 march 2019

created for:
Disquiet Junto Project 0376: Pi Filling
The Assignment: Celebrate Pi Day.


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Transience: Letting Go (music for haiku)

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Composed and performed by DD, February 2019.


bowed upright basses

orchestral soundscape

muted piano, voices



slight percussion groove ( tongue drums and thunder drum).

Music for this poem:
Petal by petal
We let go”

haiku by Debbie Strange

picture by Annie Spratt

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Copernicus’ Bad Idea (experimental instrumental)

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Challenge: Compose a work of music for sentient beings elsewhere in the universe. “Science is Copernican, but society remains Ptolemaic.”

This is on more step in a research I’ve been into lately: creating music that have that “pop” catchiness and charm that stick with you, but avoiding some of the “pop” song formulas: typical pop instrumentation, 4/4 beat, clear and focused melody, tonal harmonies etc etc.

The beat is 7/4 with a weird “drum kit” consisted of Argentina’s Bombo Leguero ad finger snaps.
-There’s no clear melody but instead some melodic fragments that never quite repeat and develop but make a “mantra” like melodic pastiche that, well, sticks to you.
-Structure is also quite weird, particularly if you follow the melodies.
-Instrumentation is ridiculous:

Ukulele Bass (Kala U-Bass)
Two Ukuleles
Tongue Drum
Lead analog synth
Balafon (x2)

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Valentine’s Bowl (Tibetan bowls soundscape)

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Ambient track performed exclusively on Tibetan Bowls. I used the two sound you make with this thing, _Tap_ that’s a “hit” on the edge of the bowl with the fat wood stick/mallet and a _Rub_ drone turning the stick around the bowl’s edges.
Then I just pitched up and down to several different notes and constructed this soundscape. But the source is just that single bowl. And 40 sec Lexicon Reverbs with Wah Wah…

No synth used off course, nothing but the bowl.

Friday 15th February 2019 in the morning.


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