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Ukuleles and strings, Inspired by a poem by Kobayashi Issa

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Inspired by a poem by Kobayashi Issa
Image by Benjamin Child

Two Ukuleles
Multiple bowed upright basses
Cellos and Violins from different libraries.

Performed by DD in Paris, 2018

“moonlight enters
only through the window…
paper mosquito net”

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New track for meditation

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Hybrid Eb minor/major nine minutes meditational soundscape.
Drone performed on my Harmonium from New Delhi, using all 3 possible stops and a “drone”.(4 tracks)
Live Hang improvisation recorded with two microphones in Paris.
Upright bass (bowed ) softly a root note all along.

Track dedicated to Ganesh, inspired on this mantra:
“Om Gam Ganapataye namaha”

An old clock guests chiming at 3’30.
The bell (1 minute marks) is from Toledo, Spain, circa 1972.




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The Wandering Days (disquiet0322) Free Download

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Created for:
322nd weekly Disquiet Junto project (The Wanderer: Make a short piece of music that encourages the the mind’s tendency to wander)

Here my take on this, a divagating fusion piece, with no clear tonal focus, many melody glimpses that never establish completely, and to make it “worst”, something I use sometimes to create a wandering, dreamy feeling that keeps calling somewhere else from the music albeit being part of it: spoken voices mumbling around.
It starts with a famous female politician saying in the late 1940’s “Humanity is living tremendous days.
A cold materialism wants to mock the tenderness …” but when you want to focus on that it vanishes. So go ahead and wander with this one.

Fender Rhodes
Electric bass
Acoustic guitar
Spoken voices

More on this 322nd weekly Disquiet Junto project
based on research by Dr. Liila Taruffi, PhD, and her colleagues) at:


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Requinto (steel string) and lap top travel companion….

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Recording on the road, at 37°09’01.7″S 56°53’06.9″W

My laptop and a microphone (AKG 451).
As sound source I used what I have with me: the Requinto on the photo (taken on recording location) an instrument I bought in Tegucigalpa 22 years ago that proved to be a nice travel companion and perhaps the worst instrument I own.
A real bastard when it comes for tuning and playing comfort.

Three track created with this setup during february 2018:

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La Seine (guitar, vibes, accordina….dark instrumental ballad)

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Composed and performed by DD, Paris France, last days of January 2018.

Epiphone Sheraton electric guitar
Upright Bass
Field Recordings

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A simple intrumental remembering Patagonia…

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Composed and performed by DD in Paris, France, end of a rainy January 2018.
Solo Ukulele, multiple bowed upright basses.

photo: patagonia, by christopher burns

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Electric guitar and field recordings

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Music for this haiku:

Under a winter moon
with shallow water
a river flows

Electric guitar (Epiphone semi-hollow body)
Geosonic sample
Field recordings by Chris Watson (ice and water)
Treatments (delay, filter, saturation, paulstrech)

Poem by Seishi Yamaguchi
Picture by Teddy Kelley teddykelley”>

Performed by DD, Paris, France, January 24th and 25th 2018…a-winter-moon/

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Ambient Online: Image Inspired Dare #24

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Performed by DD in Paris, January 22nd 2018 (ukulele, bowed upright basses)
No Synthesizers used, nor samples.

Photo by Colin Rex

Created for Ambient On-line’s Image Inspired Dare 24 (January 2018)

Lovely image, combined with the non-stop rain that’s falling since last week, it proved to be a mood setting, inspiring image.
I wanted it dark, darker, and went for a A minor drone.

This is all acoustic, no synths, no samples, every note it’s been performed here in my studio.

I recorded a basic Ukulele track, taken with 3 microphones, positioned differently in the room, two cardioid and one figuer-8 (a ribbon mic)
That allowed to experiment with different microphones and subtle texture and ambient sounds from the simple Uke performance. That combined with a large convolution reverb and three delay buses is all I used as effects.

The “tremolo” ukuleles on the intro and coda are triple tracked, the rest is one performance.
Then I added 12 tracks of bowed upright bases performing different notes of the basic Am and Dm chords, using different microphones and bowing techniques.
The basses run through the delay buses and convolution reverb.

A last track features a single upright bass A note passed through paulstrech plugin.

dd, January 22nd 2018


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Naviar Records massive compilation: 4 Years of Naviar Haiku

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Five of my tracks from 2016-2017 have been choose for this massive compilation by Naviar Records: 4 YEARS OF HAIKU…/4-years-of-naviar-haiku



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collaborations, trios and duos for the first junto projects of 2018

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dd & ikjoyce: Sitting On The Top Of The Galaxy (disquiet0316)


Triptychness (dd with leberger & encym) disquiet0317

Daniel Diaz:One Empty Chair (disquiet0315)

W:I:L & zanshin 残真 with Daniel Diaz: One Empty Chair[disquiet0316]

dd & disconcert: From The Left Side Looking Right (disquiet0316)

mark lentezner & dd: Twin Chairs (disquiet0316)




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