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Bagatelle Numero 5 (three versions)

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Here three versions of a melody from my album THEMES, the original and two bonus tracks I uploaded to Soundcloud this month.



Dave Lewis shines on trumpet.



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Ambient onlmine image inspired dare #30

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My track won this challenge, inspired by an image by Henri Be I reworked an old Musique Mécanique bonus track.

electric guitar
Indonesian flutes
bowed upright basses
Composed and performed by D.D.

Photo by Henry Be
Free Download
Part of Ambient On line’s Image Inspired Dare number 30 (October 2018)

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Emily Dickinson

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Classical guitar, soundscape, spoken voice.

A contemplative musical appreciation of Emily DICKINSON (1830 – 1886) composed and performed by D.D. in Paris, France, September 2018.

Includes “selected Poems of Emily Dickinson Read by: Becky Miller”
used without permission but with much love and gratitude.

00: 00 After great pain, a formal feeling comes
01:04 Hope is the thing with feathers
02:02 The Soul selects her own society,
02:40 I never hear the word “escape”

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October & November Junto projects: electronic-experimental

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Synthesizers by D.D. Friday October 5th 2018
Photo courtesy of N.A.S.A.


More on this 353rd weekly Disquiet Junto project (Warp & Weft / The Assignment: Read loom-woven fabric as a musical composition) at:

Instrumental created using samples by Nathan Moody as part of Disquiet Junto Project 0354: Rituals & Canticles
The Assignment: Make music using instruments from a future that doesn’t fully remember our present.

I used most of his samples, constructed a sample instrument using his spring_18cm_bowed_constantCircularStrokes mixed with different orchestral samples and a bass instrument using his “ bass construction” sample.
The dices gave me number 5 = Coming of Age, that, being completely ignorant of how such a rite fells (never went through one yet) I imagined as some kind of epic mini micro trip with bitter sweet undertones, feeling free and stressed, ecstatic and anguished at the same time.

Disquiet Junto Project 0358: Rhythm + Blue(s)Step 1: Consider the term “rhythm and blues.” Not the genre, just the term.
Step 2: Imagine what you might think “rhythm and blues” meant in terms of music had you never previously heard “rhythm and blues” music.

I got infatuated with Blues when I was a kid (Howling Wolf, John Mayall and Muddy Waters mostly) but back then the term Rhythm and Blues was a bit confusing to me, I remember somebody pointing out that The Who and the Stones were considered as R&B bands at their beginning. The Who R&B? ok…
In my young little head it was more mashed up with soul and funk, Stax and Motown music from the 60’s.
Anyway, R&B was way far from the “Pop-HipHop” thing they refer to now with that moniker.
So I took all this as a license to submit whatever I’m working on really.
If somehow aliens studying mammals on this part of the universe end up thinking Fats Domino, The Who and Rhianna all play the same style off music, you can count me in (out?).

For this one I went for a 6/4 beat (4+2 unusual for R&B I presume) but used normal instruments for that style:
Electric Guitars (x2)
Wurlitzer piano
Farfissa Organ
Electric Bass

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Sheraton Blue (electric guitars, ebow, synth)

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Epiphone Sheraton electric guitar (finger picked arpeggios and e-bow solo)
Microkorg synth.

Performed by DD

Music for this haiku:

“washing the ink stone
the Indian ink flows away
blkue, blue”

haiku by Hashimoto Takako…the-ink-stone/

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Zahara or the ocean’s edge (music for haiku)

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Composed by DD in Zahara De Los Atunes, Cádiz, Andalucía, España.

Udu drum
Upright bass
Indonesian flutes.
Performed by DD , Barbate, Spain and Paris , France.

Music for this haiku:

“a carpet of snow
keeping me from going close
to the ocean’s edge”

Photo by Joel Vodell
Poem by Yamaguchi Seishi…arpet-of-snow/

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Auto Counterpoint number 2: classical piano and echoes

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This is a solo piano performance by DD.

This track comes from an unreleased series I created a while ago titled Auto-Counterpoint where a single melody superimposed itself by the use of very long delays w/ infinite decay and Revox tape machines.

So I wrote a melody with some variations (melodic changes, permutations, octave shifts, rhythmic changes) played the whole thing a couple of times feeding 4 or 5 delay or revox lines that recorded to additional tracks.
In the end I’ve got a 10 minute mess of 5 tracks with the same measures repeated over themselves, a pandemonium of repetitions and superimpositions.

Then I made edits, creative use of the delete button and got a reasonable track.

As with the other auto-counterpoint pieces, I performed this in 10 minutes, and edit took several days to finish….

Image by Joel Filipe

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Toward The Sky (Altiplano Electrico) solo electric guitar

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Solo electric guitar by DD

Music for this haiku:

“a ladder
put against an apple tree
goes through toward the sky”

image by Setuan Ajina
poem by Hashimoto Takako (1899-1963)

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Two collaborative tracks for disquiet junto, September 2018

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this track served as abase for several re-works by fellow junto creators: .

and .

My own re-work of a fellow junto creaotr’s work is this one:

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Orchestral naive piece for a haiku “flowers sky, morning glory”

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Bowed upright basses, cello, violin
Bowed chamber bowls
Cristal Baschet (@soniccouture)

Composed and performed by DD in Paris, France, inspired by this haiku:

“flowers of morning glory
the sky above this street
begins to overcast”

Poem by Sugita Hisajo
Photo by Milos Tonchevski

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