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National Anthem of Mordor (instrumental experimental)

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Created for the 392nd weekly Disquiet Junto project — Another Country / The Assignment: Compose the national anthem for a fictional country.

This is National Anthem of Mordor (official version)

Composed and performed by DD:
All sorts of bowed upright basses, playing notes, noises, cries and effects.
Bamboo drums.
Guests: Hermy Wolf and Lisa Z(tortured souls)
Field recordings: insects and crazy birds on a jungle (sound bank)



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New single: “The Endless Solitude of a Mountain Village”

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New single, experimental acoustic instrumental:

composed and performed by DD
ukuleles (two takes, L/R)
reverse ukulele
muted upright piano
treated piano (pick and bow)
sine wave monophonic synthesizer
khim (samples)
brass section (albion I)

photo by ricardo gomez angel
poem by iliyana stoyanova

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Two tracks from the original soundtrack to “Soudain l’été dernier” play.

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Created (remix and edits, some new tracks recored) for recent disquiet junto challenges, this comes from the vault of used and unused music for the theatre play “Suddenly last summer” by Tennessee Williams (french version by Réné Loyon)

Composed and performed by DD

7 tracks of bowed upright basses (Paris , France November 2010)
Acoustic upright piano (Buenos Aires, December 2010)
Acoustic guitar (martin J15) (Paris , France June 14th 2019)


-Bowed upright basses, filtered, playing the basic riff with rhythmic delays and some weird long notes and Fx.
-Field recordings (insects, frogs and other swamp/jungle noises from the Bayou)
-Electric guitars (both strummed chords and some feedback noise)

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New electro-acoustic ambient single: Une étérnité, voir plus

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Une étérnité, voir plus

Streaming/downloads, choose your service:

Composed and performed by DD, recorded in Paris, France, September 4th and 5th 2017.
All the “pad” sound come from several reverb units and plugins: infinite decay reverb, freeze reverb particle reverb, granular reverb, etc.

instruments used, in order of appearance :

Electric guitar (distorted power chord)
bowed upright bass section (8 takes)
3x Startocaster (clean) electric guitar
2x Martin Acoustic guitars (L/R)
3rd Acoustic Guitar (Center)
Spanish guitar
Electric bass guitar (Drake custom)
Acoustic Piano
A brass section sample (towards the end)

Chords used:
Emaj – F#m – G#m – G#m(maj7) – Amaj(7/9/#11) – Amaj(6/7) – E aug


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New EP: Panoramic Repetitive Charango

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New experimental electro-acoustic 5 track EP:

Panoramic Repetitive Charango

Streaming, choose your service:


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New single released: Full Summer Moon

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New single released:

ukulele, hang, halo, tongue drum, synth, upright bass



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Some creation for Haikus, June 2019 (acoustic-naive)

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Composed and performed by DD between Barbate, Spain and Paris , France.
Music inspired by this haiku:
“The shepherdess calls
a distant clang of goat bells
mountain music”

haiku by Mark Gilfillan
picture by Jaka Skrlep

Multiple bowed upright basses by dd, pizzicato bass.
no samplers, no synths, full acoustic performance.

Inspired by this haiku:
I’m on the shore of a river
on some rocky path, on a hillside
my way home

Image by David Marcu
Poem by Jamie Lickfold

Some creation for Haikus, April-May 2019

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Composed and performed by DD april/may 2019
five variation (1 minute each aprox.) on a simple theme in Dmaj/Bm
brass samples
muted bass

Music inspired by this haiku
“ripples on water
reflecting the light of dawn
the breaking of day”

poem by jason richardson
photo by casey homer

electric guitar solo over rich electro-acoustic drone.
composed and performed by dd

“the sky I see
seems full of
magnolia blossoms”

photo by andrii ganzevych
poem by Natsume Sōseki


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New Single: Emily Dickinson (acoustic)

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Classical guitar, soundscape, spoken voice.

A contemplative musical appreciation of Emily DICKINSON (1830 – 1886) composed and performed by D.D. in Paris, France, September 2018.

Includes “selected Poems of Emily Dickinson Read by: Becky Miller

00: 00 After great pain, a formal feeling comes
01:04 Hope is the thing with feathers
02:02 The Soul selects her own society,
02:40 I never hear the word “escape”



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Some experimentations for the Junto challenge, May-June 2019

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Bagatelle numero 1 et variations (disquiet0380)

I had the theme and 10 variations, 11 tracks total to recycle.

I ended up sharing 3 of those in the past:
the main theme for guitar and piano (Daniel-diaz – Bagatelle-numero-1)
And two trumpet led variations :
rhodes, trumpet and electronica(
and trumpets and brass section(…RYTAOZW_LZFhNwsw)

For this junto I decided to gather in one track four remixes of the unreleased variations, to make a sort of suite around this sensitive Em theme.
1- Piano, guitar, strings
2- Piano, guitar, melodica
3- Piano, guitar, upright basses (pizz), bass clarinet, horn.
4- Piano, guitar, upright bass (pizz),accordion, melodica.

Photo by Tanalee Youngblood


Blocked & Wired (disquiet0381)

a demo experimenting with Native Instrument’s Reaktor freebie “Blocks Wired”
4 Instances.

Created on Friday 19th April 2019


The Long Sleep (black noise) – disquiet0386

Photo by Yuriy Garnaev
Performed by DD in Paris, May 2019.
Stratocaster guitar, vibraphone, bass, reverbs and filters

Disquiet Junto Project 0386: New Colors
The Assignment: Out with the old white noise, in with the new.

I’m infatuated with convolution reverbs, the more unreal and outrageously long the better, and I use it as background noise quite a lot, particularly infinite reverbs and very long ones, passed thorough wah wah or other extreme filters to make them sing and get some sort of pitch.

In this track (a new version of a 2017 track, performed on electric piano and bells back then) I used my Stratocaster electric guitar and vibraphone. The background is mostly 25-40sec reverbs passed through filters and wahwah. That’s my “black noise” and besides the track could be good as a lullaby for any dark, depressive and cold blooded child.


Vejer De La Frontera – disquiet0388

Disquiet Junto Project 0388: Random Less

Fretless Bass
Udu Drum (Moringa)
Charango (Ronroco actually)

The charango was recorded on the road in Vejer De La Frontera, Andalucia,Spain, the other two tracks of this trio were added back home


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