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New single released: Born Under Scorpio Skies

Posted by admin on December 31, 2020 – 17:25

Hi, just released my last single for this weird yet productive 2020:
Born Under Scorpio Skies, neoclassical meet slow instrumental rock.
composed and performed by Daniel Diaz October/November 2020 in Paris, France.

Electric bass
Drum kit
Electric guitars
Moog synth



This is my song for all Scorpio fellas (like me) many friends and relatives but all any Scorpio reading this really. It is particularly dedicated to Phoebe Bridgers, Max Richter, Serge Gainsbour,g Gustavo Bulgach, Ricardo Hambra, Ringo Estrella, Walter Bertoa, Gustavo Lopez, Anel Paz, Norma Cantero, Solange Vital-Vilmer, Diego Maradona, Mario Averbuj, Domenico Scarlatti, Ennio Morricone.
Photo by DD, a Paris Sky.


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Have a great, healthy and “normal” 2021 everybody, cheers

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