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50 Snapshots is completed and online

Posted by admin on July 3, 2016 – 15:04

This year 2016 I created a “catalogue” of my instruments and sonic possibilities as a multi-instrumentalist. For that purpose I recorded  several short snippets with each and every instrument I own and play, performed solo or accompanied by other instruments, but one instrument at the time clearly in the spotlight.
The full set is available for streaming in a dedicated Soundcloud playlist here:



I took pictures of the actual instruments when possible (there’ll be a couple of snapshots using my favorite samples, the rest is actual instruments I own).

The instruments I used are:

Ronroco (Bolivia)
Charango (Argentina, 1990’s)
Acoustic Upright Piano (Yamaha)
Tenor Ukulele (with upright bass and soundscape)
Fretless Bass Guitar (my custom 1988 Sekine)
Acoustic Bass Guitar (my 1990’s Larrivée 5 string,)
Acoustic Bass Guitar played w/sticks (my 2007’s Michael Kelly 5 string)
Schecter 62 replica Jazz Bass (1983) played w/pick.
Melodicas: Hohner Piano 36 and Yamaha Pianica
Spacedrum (C minor “Deep Sky” tunning)
Electric Bass nylon strings (my Epiphone Allen Woody)
Spanish Guitar (solo Kraus late 70’s custom)
Concert Ukulele
Tenor Ukulele
Harmonium (India)
Electric Bass Chord-melody (Drake Diaz Custom5)
Accordina (by Marcel Dreux)
Epiphone Jazz Guitar
Folk Guitar (martin J15)
Wah Wah (Guitar and bass Cry Babys)
Stratocaster guitar (Schecter custom 1985)
Talking Drums (one Indian, another African)
Udu Drum (Meinl)
Moringa (LP)
Ambient percussion (many different gadgets)
Bells (church bells, bronze)
Fast  percussions (bombo, derbouka, doumbek, caxixi, plastic tube samples) Kuntrun (Argentina, 1980’s)
Bombo (Argentina, 1970’s)
Cymbals (Zyldgian, Paiste)
Tun and bamboo drums (Mexico, Guatemala 1990’s)
Indonesian flutes (Java and Bali, 4 of them)
Upright Bass (custom 1910, Argentina)
Marimba and Xylophone (real & samples)
Glockenspiel and Vibes (real & samples)
Ocarinas and clay “birds”
Toy Piano (French, 2005)
Strings fake or real? (combined samples and real performances of basses and cellos)
Crystal  Bowls  (samples)
Glass Harmonica (samples)
Analog Synths (E-mu, Korg)
Vocoder (Korg)
Arpeggiator synths (Korg, z3Ta)

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