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Shut up and play the bass…..

Posted by admin on April 24, 2018 – 19:19

Some solo or “soloist” bass exercises:
This a transcription of an improvised introduction I performed live for Norberto Pedreira’s arrangement of Francis Lai’s “Un Homme Une Femme” movie song.
In January 2017 we performed the song for the first time, a bass introduction was part of the arrangement, I improvised something. We played the song again in December 2017, I had great souvenirs of the bass intro I played back in January so I went to a video somebody recorded of the shows and loved the improvisation so much that, instead of keep improvising in subsequent shows, i decided to transcribe that introduction, learn it , and play that as part of the arrangement from now on.
This is it as recorded yesterday, march 26th 2018.
The full track will be available in @norbertopedreiratrio next album later this year.

This is a practising routine. I do improvise over changes a lot, but sometimes I like to be able to flow melodically with no harmonic content informing my playing.
I’ve been improvising on my Sekine custom fretless, trying to find a melodic, lyric way around melodic ideas (Nicholas Slominsky informed some) without sticking to a tonality or tonal centre, being as abstract and hybrid as I could.

Slow version:
Played some slow drums, then add nonsense harmonies on synth pads (particularly blur sounding to keep me away from “playing changes”), and improvised on top of it.

Fast version:
Played some percussion (two different size talking drums) over some 4 bar percussion loop from my vault.
Then improvised on top of it, some 3 minutes of free blowing, choose the lest shitty bits to keep a shorter track…

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