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My old German upright piano, some recordings from the vault.

Posted by admin on October 19, 2019 – 10:27

Two remixed compositions I recreated a while ago using some DAT mono recordings of my old upright piano, the one that shared my life for many years, now gone.

First a disquiet junto track:

Upright piano (recorded in Buenos Aires direct to DAT)
Synth arpeggiators (Microkorg)
Multiple bowed upright basses (recorded in Paris).
Samples (viola+violin)

Composed and performed by DD


and this one inspired by a haiku:

upright pianos
bowed upright basses
string bass harmonics

For this haiku:

waterlily leaves
bobbing on the lake . . .

poem by corine timmer
photo by alksandr eremin


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