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Confinement Duets, April 2020

Posted by admin on May 2, 2020 – 12:42

During the pandemic Covid19 (march/april/may 2020) we have to stay home and avoid contact with people.

I’ve found a great hobby without leaving home: collaborating through the internet with fellow musicians who are also locked up at home. They perform on their instruments, record and film themselves, and afterwards, I put it all together, along with my part, in video format. I am compiling these collaborations with friends from different cities in a YouTube playlist entitled:





So far I have uploaded four collaborations (Norberto Pedreira-Paris; Gustavo Bulgach-Los Angeles, Miguel Yanover-Montreuil), but there are others in the works that I will upload in the next days. You can subscribe on Youtube or follow me on Instagram to be automatically informed of the ones coming out.

Be patient and please take care,




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