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Some experimentations for the Junto challenge, Winter 2020

Posted by admin on March 29, 2020 – 13:15

Some tracks , experimentations and essays I contributed to the weekly junto challenges during January, February and March 2020:


let’s call this a mess, a collage or an impromtu montage.
It was fun.

Members of the choir, in order of appearance:


I added orchestral percussions and several synths

Create a piece of choral music from the provided samples. You are encouraged to make music that feels “human,” that feels like it is simply a lot of people singing at once. However, of course, the end result is up to you; you can and should mix, mash, and create as you please.

Twenty steps to the moon.
I usually take the assignment quite seriously, the challenge is the main point for me.
So excuse me to take a free interpretation this week.
The “theme” comes from the upcoming [20+20]( mini album I did for @audio-obscura-music ‘s netlabel. I used a rejected variation (the 21st one) from the 20 variations, 20 seconds each, I recorded
I expanded it using a project I’ve been working on these past few days, whose working title coincidentally was “Lunar Soundscape”. I used the 20 sec tracks and the Lunar tracks (not in the same key or tempo, but nobody cares, right?) and combined and moved them all to make this 2 minute lunar vignette.
You’ll hear:
Fretless Bass
Music Box
Muted upright piano

Photo courtesy of @NASA

Disquiet Junto Project 0420: Luna Tick
The Assignment: Make music that proceeds according to the phases of the moon, in celebration of Lunar New Year.

Upright piano, synthesizers.
Recorded @ Paris and Buenos Aires over the years…
Created for:
**Disquiet Junto Project 0428: Urban Moss**
*Step 1: Consider how many concert posters have spent time on an old telephone pole before being torn down or succumbing to the elements. Think about the wear on the wood, the rust on the vestigial staples, as time has passed.
*Step 2: Record a short piece of music that pays tribute to the accumulated echoes of past concerts promoted here over the years.*


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