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Acoustic soundscape for a haiku

Posted by admin on October 12, 2017 – 17:42


I played the same note (La – A) or a basic power chord (A-E-A)on several instruments:
Upright piano
Acoustic guitar (nylon string)
Ukuleles (2)
Charangos (2)
Upright bass
Electric bass guitar (2)

Then I played some harmonic sparks on my bass guitar and some random hi pitch notes on the piano to create some still+-moving harmonic content. (Mostly around Am/Amaj)

The sustained drones are reverbs of many “long-infinite decay” types.
i added some field recordings (mountain forests, etc)

This track was created on September28th 2017 in Paris France for this free-form haiku:

“Leaving the hospital room
autumn mountains

Poem by Sumitaku Kenshin (1961-1987)
Image by Blake Richard Verdoorn

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