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In Thirty Years (Treinta Años) (instrumental music for Haiku)

Posted by admin on February 3, 2020 – 13:23

Composed and performed by DD, January 2020
Electric guitars (clean stratocaster)
Music box samples
Slide guitars (Epiphone Casino)
Acoustic piano
Analogue synths
Upright bass

Music for this haiku:

“not heard my breath
in years.

Poem by @sevenism
Photo by DD (Venezia, Italy, 2016)




Composed and performed by DD in Paris , France.
Electric pianos (Rhodes) , Upright acoustic piano, synthesizers.

Published by Sonoton Gmbh (contact Sonoton for any license/sync)

For this haiku:

The rain begins to fall,
sounding like my heartbeat
of the nigh

Poem by Sumitaku Kenshin
Photo by Nick Nice

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