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Two December 2019 instrumentals inspired by haikus

Posted by admin on December 30, 2019 – 18:22

Guitars, piano, synthesizers by DD, Paris, November 2019
Photo by Greg Rakozy

For this haiku:

Innumerable stars
Looks like floated algae
In my mind

by Dakotsu Iida…merable-stars/

Panoramic neoclassical-world experimental instrumental, composed an performed by DD in Paris, France, December 12th an d13th 2019.
Ronroco, picked piano, brass samples, synthesizers, electric guitar

Inspired by this haiku:
“One push of the door, a single step
And the corridor seems to stretch
As far as the eye can see.”

Porm by Takuboku Ishikawa
Photo by Yang Shuo…a-single-step/

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