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Some collaborations on the Junto challenge Week 3, adding to other people’s tracks.

Posted by admin on April 13, 2020 – 14:27

Hi, after some fellas  submitted tracks to last week to the 429th junto challenge, I made some contributions for the 431st junto:

Daniel Diaz: bowed upright basses & filters (on original track)
@MarcoLucchi; mellotron é & synth
@michel-banabila: Synthesizer

My first contribution to this collaborative challenge, based on Marcolucchi – Der-steppenwolf that’s Marco’s collaboration with michel [banabila]( adding to his track [Michel-banabila – Fase-1-disquiet-0429-solitary-ensembles](Michel-banabila – Fase-1-disquiet-0429-solitary-ensembles)

This one really liked and puzzled me, there’s a mysterious modulating sound and performance on the mellotron that reminds me of Gregorian chant, even if the sound is no “voices” but more like a string-harmonium sound. But it evokes a bunch of ancient Greek monks on acid , recorded on an old Geloso (what won’t I give to lay my hands again on my mum’s old Geloso that served as my first experimental recording device when I was 6 ?) Nevermind…
Thanks to Marco and Michel for their inspiring track.


For this one I worked over this track by @encym
Encym – Oozes-two-drones-looking-for-companydisquiet0430
That is a collaboration with this original solo by @joe-mcmahon
Joe-mcmahon – Where-i-was-drone-only-disquiet-0429

I performed synthesizers (MicroKorg, Emu Vintage Keys) to add some more “regular “musical content (melodies, harmonies) to a drone track that sounded very musical to me, it was difficult to catch in terms of my reactions to it, it sounded abstract and musical, cold-experimental and warm and sensitive, very inspiring one.
I know I made it more “cliché” standard and less mysterious to my ears, but that’s what I had to add anyway, it’s ok.


This one’s a more standard track, with bass, guitar, drums and an overdub of accordina.
I performed over @howthenightcame ‘s track Howthenightcame – C-disquiet0430-ryan-scott-mattingly
That was his duo over @ryanscottmattingly ‘s Ryanscottmattingly – Rabbit-food-disquiet0429
I played standard rhythm section (upright bass) over the basic guitar+drum track, then added an Accordina improvisation over it.
It’s nice, melancholic, it was a pleasure for me, cheers


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