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Two tracks from the original soundtrack to “Soudain l’été dernier” play.

Posted by admin on July 25, 2019 – 16:48

Created (remix and edits, some new tracks recored) for recent disquiet junto challenges, this comes from the vault of used and unused music for the theatre play “Suddenly last summer” by Tennessee Williams (french version by Réné Loyon)

Composed and performed by DD

7 tracks of bowed upright basses (Paris , France November 2010)
Acoustic upright piano (Buenos Aires, December 2010)
Acoustic guitar (martin J15) (Paris , France June 14th 2019)


-Bowed upright basses, filtered, playing the basic riff with rhythmic delays and some weird long notes and Fx.
-Field recordings (insects, frogs and other swamp/jungle noises from the Bayou)
-Electric guitars (both strummed chords and some feedback noise)

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