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Ambient Online: Image Inspired Dare #24

Posted by admin on February 8, 2018 – 18:22

Performed by DD in Paris, January 22nd 2018 (ukulele, bowed upright basses)
No Synthesizers used, nor samples.

Photo by Colin Rex

Created for Ambient On-line’s Image Inspired Dare 24 (January 2018)

Lovely image, combined with the non-stop rain that’s falling since last week, it proved to be a mood setting, inspiring image.
I wanted it dark, darker, and went for a A minor drone.

This is all acoustic, no synths, no samples, every note it’s been performed here in my studio.

I recorded a basic Ukulele track, taken with 3 microphones, positioned differently in the room, two cardioid and one figuer-8 (a ribbon mic)
That allowed to experiment with different microphones and subtle texture and ambient sounds from the simple Uke performance. That combined with a large convolution reverb and three delay buses is all I used as effects.

The “tremolo” ukuleles on the intro and coda are triple tracked, the rest is one performance.
Then I added 12 tracks of bowed upright bases performing different notes of the basic Am and Dm chords, using different microphones and bowing techniques.
The basses run through the delay buses and convolution reverb.

A last track features a single upright bass A note passed through paulstrech plugin.

dd, January 22nd 2018


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