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Copernicus’ Bad Idea (experimental instrumental)

Posted by admin on April 15, 2019 – 18:38

Challenge: Compose a work of music for sentient beings elsewhere in the universe. “Science is Copernican, but society remains Ptolemaic.”

This is on more step in a research I’ve been into lately: creating music that have that “pop” catchiness and charm that stick with you, but avoiding some of the “pop” song formulas: typical pop instrumentation, 4/4 beat, clear and focused melody, tonal harmonies etc etc.

The beat is 7/4 with a weird “drum kit” consisted of Argentina’s Bombo Leguero ad finger snaps.
-There’s no clear melody but instead some melodic fragments that never quite repeat and develop but make a “mantra” like melodic pastiche that, well, sticks to you.
-Structure is also quite weird, particularly if you follow the melodies.
-Instrumentation is ridiculous:

Ukulele Bass (Kala U-Bass)
Two Ukuleles
Tongue Drum
Lead analog synth
Balafon (x2)

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