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50 Snapshots by D.D.

Posted by admin on February 10, 2016 – 18:11

This year 2016 I’m creating a “catalogue” of my instruments and sonic possibilities as a multi-instrumentalist. For that purpose I’ll record several short snippets (I guess there’ll be 50 in total) with each and every instrument I own and play, performed solo or accompanied by other instruments, but one instrument at the time clearly in the spotlight.
I’ll be adding these snapshots one by one to a dedicated Soundcloud playlist here

I’m taking pictures of the actual instrument(s) when possible (there’ll be a couple of snapshots using my favourite samples, the rest is actual instruments I own).

50 Snapshots should be completed in 50 days or 50 weeks, I can’t really tell. You can get an announce from Soundcloud each time I add a new snapshot if you follow that list, I won’t bother you again by email.

More info here:

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