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New single released “Would You Focus Please?”

Posted by admin on September 6, 2019 – 22:21

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September 6th 2019, I just released a new single, simple acoustic guitars and requinto: “Would You Focus Please?”

Recording on the road, at 37°09’01.7″S 56°53’06.9″W
Used what I have with me: the Requinto on the photo (taken on recording location) an instrument I bought in Tegucigalpa 22 years ago that proved to be a nice travel companion and perhaps the worst instrument I own. A real bastard when it comes for tuning and playing comfort.

8 tracks of it recorded with an AKG 451, then I converted one melody track to midi and triggered a lead synth on z3TA-2.
Added some upright bass notes from my vault, notes I recorded 13000 km away from here long time ago, or in a different timeline….

A major, 168bpm in 7/4 time




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