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Ambient track inspired by the idea of “concrete wallpaper music”

Posted by admin on April 10, 2019 – 18:33


Disquiet Junto Project 0371 Concrete Ambience

The Assignment: What could concrete wallpaper music sound like?
Step 1: Consider the concept of wallpaper music.
Step 2: Consider wallpaper designed to look like concrete.
Step 3: Consider what concrete wallpaper music might sound like.
Step 4: Record concrete wallpaper music.

I decided that concrete wallpaper music should sound like a very low rumble, a bit oppressive and disturbing. Not pretty really.

For this one I recycled ad Indian Harmonium improvisation I did some weeks ago for a collaboration with j @howthenightcame . He did excellent use of it on his Babel Library EP that I recommend.(…y-of-babel)

But I wanted to do something with a very little melody that appears half way thought it.

Instead of building a new thing out of those little notes, inspired by this concrete junto I went for a different approach:

I routed the harmonium stereo mix through some extreme filtering to make it sound like it is played very loud inside a concrete bunker or building and you just hear hints of it through the walls. I played the little melody with several synths and electric piano, all filtered and sent through a “concrete basement” convolution reverb.

The final mix of the harmonium and the new tracks is heard as a very wet signal with loads of another convolution reverb: “giant concrete room”.


Indian Harmonium as it sounds listened through concrete walls

Synths and electric piano buried on “concrete basement” convolution reverb.…1-concrete-ambience

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