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Junto collaborative challenge: 3 parts of a virtual trio

Posted by admin on January 28, 2019 – 23:43

Disquiet Junto Project 0367: Trio Initiate
The Assignment: Record the first third of an eventual trio.

Solo accordina recording by myself:


Disquiet Junto Project 0368: Engage Duo
The Assignment: Record the second third of a trio, adding to a pre-existing track.

DD: electric bass
Ian Joyce: all the rest @ikjoyce.



Disquiet Junto Project 0369: Final Solo
The Assignment: Record the final third of a trio, adding to a pre-existing track, based itself on a prior pre-existing track.
daniel-diaz: electric guitar
sityphoxx: duduk
joyneski: all the rest


Tunnelwater: synth pad
premiere-etape synth bass;
I improvised with my stratocaster




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