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Auto Counterpoint number 1: classical guitar and echoes

Posted by admin on September 27, 2018 – 08:58

This track comes from an unreleased series I created a while ago titled Auto-Counterpoint where a single melody superimposed itself by the use of very long delays w/ infinite decay and Revox tape machines.

So I wrote a melody with many variations, played the whole thing a couple of times feeding 4 or 5 delay or revox lines that recorded to additional tracks.
In the end I’ve got a 10 minute mess of 5 tracks with the same 16 measures repeated over themselves, a pandemonium of repetitions and superimpositions.

Then I made edits, creative use of the delete button and got a reasonable track.

So performed this in 10 minutes, and edit took several days to finish….

Image by aly syaaban

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