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Travelling in situ, revisited version of an old track

Posted by admin on April 16, 2018 – 14:59

Created for junto0324: ….Think about music that isn’t distracting and suggests momentum.
March 2018.

Original version here:
Daniel-diaz – Travelling-in-situ

For this one I decided to rework a personal project from last year, a track I composed while unable to move from a certain place, but looking at the open sea through the window, music that could be kinetic and could wake a certain travelling envy, but was created with the stillness of a working space in mind.
Travelling without moving, as the song says.

this _junto_ version is less strong in “crescendo” and has no guitars compared to my longer and more dynamic original, this is a more repetitive synth and electric piano driven version. I can imagine people in the same room/workspace listening to this, having the wide-open visible through their windows and experiencing some kind of healthy, drug-free energy rush.
Personally, if I were working in a confined space, I’ll take a long version of this , say 8 hours, with a never stopping crescendo from the start of the working shift till the culmination when everybody is good for the day and can go home…
Like Max Richter’s “Sleep” but the opposite…


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