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Acoustic soundscape for Ambient Online’s challenge “Image Inspired Dare 23”

Posted by admin on January 29, 2018 – 19:59

Created by DD in Fuengirola, Spain in response to Ambient Online’s challenge “Image Inspired Dare 23”, 30th December 2017.

Bowed upright basses
Field Recordings (Wind)
Treated orchestra samples

I wanted to represent in sound the immensely big and the infinitely small miracles in nature, with little simple sounds and the hugeness of Upright basses and wind sound.

Started with a long drone performed on bowed upright bass (three tracks recorded of the same note with different glissandos) then added some of the field recordings Chris Watson did for Soniccoutures some time ago, mostly wind field recordings, treated.
Added a simple acoustic piano playing around minor/major, always simple stuff.
Another track was added, using orchestral samples to build a drone like pad (Albion Coalface).

Wish a happy 2018 to everybody!

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