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Nightwatch series: Part 4 Something Is Broken

Posted by admin on April 25, 2017 – 23:07

Nightwatch IV: Something’s Broken.
Solo electric bass performance by d.d,
treatments: reverb, tremolos, chopper, vibrolo, granulator, wah-wah

Nightwatch series / copyright (c) Sabine Pigalle

music recorded Friday 31st march 2017 at the pleasure dome.

Recorded fro DD’s ongoing series Film Noir/NightWatch and for
Diquiet junto project 0274

Nightwatch is a trilogy performed on mostly electric basses , it’s a trilogy but today I recorded a 4th part for this junto, a solo bass performance, and then “broke” the low notes that populate the pauses with extreme tremolos, chopper, skidder and regular tremolos at hard settings (square wave, loads of drive and saturation)
I love the way those tremolos, used in this “chop down” way, break the decay of the notes and make the soft vanish of music sound beautifully wrong.

Added huge reverbs and wah wah on the reverb.
Broken ambient bass.

4th part of a trilogy.

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